TheWedding Suit

Would you marry me?……..Yes!!
We understand the importance of getting the perfect look for one of the most important days of your life.

Relax, our expert consultants will provide you with a complete design and tailoring service that will complement the style and theme of your special occasion...
Traditional or contemporary? Casual or eccentric? Morning tails or Frock coat? Dinner jacket, or vest? …(it's a lot to think about).

From budgeting and cloth selection to custom options and fitting arrangements, our dedicated wedding consultants are fully prepared to ensure every detail is perfectly executed so couples can create a dream wedding that will long be remembered.

Enjoy a Honeymoon on Us

Receive Honeymoon Funds on your total group orders from groomsmen, families, guests and others.

How much can you get?

  • Wedding group orders of 2-10 suits will be given a 10% of the entire order.
  • Wedding group orders of 11-20 suits will be given a 20% of the entire order.
  • Wedding group orders of more than 30 suits will be given a 25% of the entire order.
You will receive a Visa Gift Card for your honeymoon…


Get involved, it’s fun! It's a journey to one of the best days of your life, enjoy it. Once you and your "better half" agree on the theme/style and colors of the event, we can help you design the ideal suit for you and your groomsmen.

Choose your Groomsmen: People who’ve played major parts in your life over the years like your brothers, bandmates, close friends, cousins.

Unique Personalization
When we say "Unique" we mean it. There is nothing we can't do, so lets get creative together. With our wide range of customizable options we'll create an exclusive, elegant or extravagant suit totally unique for you and you only!

Two Weeks Delivery
You have enough on your plate. We'll get to work on your suits for a final fitting in two weeks, so you can focus on the honeymoon.

Made to Measure
Your special day deserves a custom wedding suit. You define your look and style, we'll define your perfect fit by having our master tailor personally take your measurements.

We'll help you make this quick, simple and easy. Everything we make is custom made. Yes… even our wedding packages!…. within your schedule, budget, and style.

We'll create a special package for your group.

Groomsmen: You want wanted them all to match, be comfortable and look flawless!

Family, Friends, and guests can order their wedding outfit, made to measure, to their style or designed by YOU.

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