Made to Measure Suits

Using today’s state-of-the-art stitching methods and detailed hand finishing, we offer the finest in construction to create luxury made to measure great fitting suit. for that perfect fit every time, we cut a unique paper pattern for each customer.
If your measurements change we make adjustments to your profile to meet your specific needs as they arise. We want a lifetime relationship with our clients.

Once upon a time knights wore armor. Today, a gentleman's armor is his suit!

In 1650 men ceased wearing cloaks and began wearing vests, coats and breeches which evolved into what we now acknowledge as men's suits! Todays modern suit is the result of cultural, economic, and social developments that have shaped the style we know today.

Look stylish and highly elegant when appearing in your made to measure suit of armor!

As we researched into the history of styles we've concluded that YOU are the trendsetter of the MODERN SUIT.

Casual elegance...dress it up with a sport jacket anytime anywhere.