Powerful-Self Expression

Business Suits

As a businessman, you need a personal clothier that understands business style and can customize it for your needs. Your first impression is imperative to your success and we want to be a big part of it!
Your image is your personal brand, we'll make sure every suit fits you like a glove and projects your personality, exquisite taste and confidence.


Distinguish yourself from the crowd! Consider a choice that compliments your role and workplace as well as reflects your own personality.

The Capital Tailor professionals will work with you to decide on the best cloth for your suit with an extensive choice of plain fabrics, stripes, checks and herringbones in a wide range of colors and create entire looks to make you look amazing.

Cut & Fit

Elegant business wear will always instil comfort and confidence. so for your business wear, what better investment could you make than in a beautifully crafted made to measure suit.

At The Capital Tailor we take pride in working closely with our customers to create the perfect silhouette and fit for each individual. Our tailors and fitters pay exceptional attention to detail and accuracy when taking measurements so that a perfect fit is guaranteed.


Business suits endure a great deal of wear and tear.

We've chosen durable high quality fabric that last and hold their shape for years to come. Our tailors use state of the art technology combined with detailed hand stitching for the finest construction.

So if you're traveling overseas, jumping from boardrooms to client meetings, or working 12 hour days, you'll look as wonderful on your way to the last meeting as you did on the first one.